Flying Insects and New Year’s Day

London 2013

New Year’s Day

I entered 2013 in reflection on the Delhi gang-rape story and what was wrong with Indian society. Even on New Year’s Day I merely settled down for a quiet evening and television. I am now convinced that for an insight into a culture and society,  all you have to do is look at its television programmes on the first day of the year. BBC2 was using its prime time slot at 9 p.m. to broadcast Queen Victoria’s Children. BBC 4 ran Fifties British War Film: Days of Glory at the same time, while Sky Atlantic decided to go for a documentary on The British, exploring how the Norman conquest in 1066 changed Britain. ITV1 had Royal Babies (footage of a young Princess Elizabeth). Add to the highly entertaining mix of the above and stir in the following: Hairy Dieters, The Treasures of Ancient Rome, River Monsters (deadly fish in South Africa), World’s Strongest Man 2012. Oh, and how could I forget Channel 4′s Rude Tube — a countdown of 50 internet clips featuring the world’s worst and sexiest Santas? Er … sexy Santa?  Do children love Santa because he is “sexy”?   Surely only a handful could have watched Nature’s Weirdest Events on BBC2? Or do the British like to mark the new year by watching a town terrorised by a swarm of flying insects? Perhaps they do.

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